I’m a novice writer and culinary explorer with no previous relevant writing experience, no kitchen training, and no major traveling resume. I cannot say that I can claim academic expertise on the world of food; however, I am a guy who loves to explore in the kitchen and has a natural talent for the art of food. I write based on my passion for food. Not a passion only for the delightful tastes of food, but a passion for culinary as a sensually aesthetic experience and cultural agent. For some, food is sustenance, it is a brief two dimensional satisfaction, and it is “good”. But for others, food is an experience and it is a passion. I don’t just “like” food; I love food. That’s why I’m so excited for you to read this blog! If you love food, and if you’re willing to set all preconceptions, inclinations, and cultural stereotypes about food aside, this blog will hopefully bring you along with me as we develop a greater appreciation for this complex world. Everybody eats; let’s make the most of it!


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