Welcome to The Art of Delish.

I am no writer. In fact, by all objective accounts, I’m a mediocre and novice writer. Personal blogs about every subject known to man, including food, flood the internet at a dizzying pace each moment. And the authors of these blogs all compete for your time and your attention.
So why should you read mine?

As my primary culinary inspiration Michael Ruhlman states in his post that spawned the birth of this blog, “Perhaps the best general advice I got about writing was to always ask myself, “Why should a stranger be interested in what I have to say?” I think you should always be asking yourself this, whether you’re querying a magazine editor or blogging (though the blog is a new and unusual beast)…Don’t expect people to be interested in your opinions—gather information. Writing is not about the “me,” it’s about the ‘not me.'”

This is the approach of this blog. This blog is not about me, my personal tastes, food vices, preferences, or a stream-of-consciousness cyber-existence with any claim to proprietary intellectual value.  This blog is merely meant to bring the food experience to you.  “What is the food experience?”, you ask. The food experience is a sensual, aesthetic, artistic, scientific, historical, and emotional phenomenon that is both interactive and invigorating. There is a certain passion and interactive experience that humans can enjoy when they delve into arts; visual arts, music, poetry and literature, finesse sports. But rarely is food included in that category, and this is why this blog exists- to put it in its rightful place in that category. Food is an art, food is a science, food is a passion, food is an entertainment, food is a culture, food is communication tool, food is a gift of which we are to be good stewards. Coming to view food as all those things IS the food experience. My hope is that the more you read this blog, the more you experience it; and the more it will inspire you to adapt more meaningful, healthy, and productive approaches to your own food. Embark on your own expedition into this limitless world, and share the experience with me!


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